Traveling by air can be sometimes, one of the most frustrating experiences. If we could only make it easier to find more comfort while you get to your destination.

With travel set to grow to 7 billion passengers per year by 2035 link, making travel more efficient is a must, giving the user better information, more choices and tools to travel with comfort.

What it does

Travel Assist is a platform that helps travelers to find, ahead of time or while in transit, the products and services they need.

For example:

-Getting the food they want (healthy or not)

-Finding a shower to get refreshed

-Doing exercise while they wait for their next flight

-Buy something they forgot to pack

-And why not, help the planet by making flights more sustainable.

We built 3 ways of interacting with the platform : A website, a mobile app, and a voice interface (Amazon's Alexa)

For web: Open traveler page to explore what is available for your specific flights and airports. Type anything in booking: eg. 123456, there is only one itinerary.

Open merchant page to see orders coming in.

The Alexa experience is meant for shopping or just browsing from the comfort of your couch or bed, to see what out there, no pressure, but if you want to order a few things go ahead. (Won't work on the weblink provided)

In our example buying a pass to take a shower in the fictional gym located at the airport, and also getting toothbrush and toothpaste for the trip from, yes you guessed it, a fictional grocery store.

How we built it

Using java microservices, amq-kafka, angular 8, socketio, openshift, flutter, 3scale

Travel assist consist of one microservice that parses an airline itinerary. It obtains airports and flights details, for the itinerary. It connects with other microservices to gather all relevant information (food that will be served on a flight, concessions on an airport)

Orders are sent to merchants via a Kafka topic. To demo orders being received, I built a generic Merchant's page.

Disclosure of prebuilt projects/microservices

Events by Travelful: link, this platform allows the user to book flights and it is the group of microservices that generates the booking information that will be sent to Travel Assist via a AMQ/Kafka topic to find airports and flights involved.

Businesses Database and Ordering System (link): Provides a list of businesses and their catalog of products, to power the shopping experience.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the different parts. Connections between AMQ and websockets

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Building a solution that can make flights more sustainable, a very cool Alexa interaction (not just voice but using amq and websockets to show content driven by voice commands on a monitor).

What I learned

A lot about RedHat cloud solutions, Openshift and the use of runtimes.

What's next for Travel Assist

A complete mobile ordering experience, we ran out of time.

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