Pre-Covid19 it was an already daunting task to get exactly the food you wanted, find a neck pillow, or know what food/movies are available in your flights.

Reducing the time you have to spend with other that might be infected If we only could make airports and flights and their respective offerings, easily searchable...

What it does

Travel Assist allows a traveler to register trips with our platform, and then we make those trips searchable, allowing the user to find what they need and (pre) order it, or simple just browse each stage of their trip, to see what is being offered.

How I built it

Travel Assist was built as a Java microservice that interacts with with Alexa's requests. These request drive the experience by: locating trips, the airports and flights involved on a particular trip. We use API calls to a propietary CMS and search engine to locate products and services in a particular context (Airport and/or Flight)

Depending on devices capabilities, the information is rendered using Alexas's APL and/or SSML

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I faced where mostly around implementing a voice only experience that made sense when Visual information would have been a great way of conveying information.

What I learned

That VUI and GUI are a great complement to each other.

What's next for Travel Assist

Add more content and make it easy to register trips

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