Initially From Star Trek, teleportation! Also, discovered the possibilities of building it after witnessing the presentation of Narrative.

What it does

Ask anyone to travel and explore the certain place for you. Helping those people who could not afford to travel to explore their desired places in real-time. Also, it provides a new way to earn money for people in the desired place.

How I built it

Web App, Android App

Challenges I ran into

Wanted to embed a chat app into Evercam Android SDK

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Real-time Camera by using Android (courtesy of

What I learned

Sharpen my skills in web development. Instead of staying comfortable with only Android development.

What's next for Travel 4 You

Embed Kite API and starts to sell desired picture taken by the camera provider. Therefore, on top of showing the customer around, the camera provider could also take some nice pictures and sell it to the customer.

Built With

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