Travelling during the Covid Pandemic is stressful. So, we want to help you find the safe place to visit.

What it does

Finds Covid risk score for each country. So, you can choose a location on basis of that.

How we built it

We used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Flask for the web development. To calculate the Covid risk score we tried to create ML model- multinomial logistic regression with use of Python.

Challenges we ran into

-Difficult to find relevant and sufficient data to model complex algorithms. -Extremely difficult to perform unsupervised learning or time series analysis on Covid data. -Parsing API's data from a link was difficult.

  • And of course, Time challenge. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We have a working website which determines the risk score of countries with insufficient data. ## What we learned -Team Work, -Practical Experience ## What's next for Travel 2.0 -Updating our sites with more parameters like crime-rates, weather, recommender system.
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