The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic dismay in countless sectors of industry and though we might already see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, there still remains a question of how these sectors are eventually going to have to recover from said events. The tourism industry—being one of the most badly impacted sectors, with an annual decrease in tourist arrivals of around 58% to 78% this year—has to somehow rebuild trust with travellers with regards to their health and safety in a hasty manner so as to promote a quick recovery of tourism itself and not risk more businesses to fail.

What it does

Travée, a destination-rating web-app, aims to do just that by crowd-sourcing accurate and descriptive health and safety ratings. Business owners in the tourism industry can put their businesses on the site and list out health protocols that the business administration has put in place, so as to give travellers a better understanding of the quality of regulations there. While travellers are incentivized with points (that can be redeemed for vouchers) to rate destinations on provided metrics such as how well the protocols are enforced.

What's next for Travée

We are aiming to improve this project in the design for user interface so this web app is easy to use, making the web app to run more effective, and adding more features to help travellers and business owners to survive in this pandemic and post pandemic.

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