Smombies - Smombies everywhere. With Smartphones in their hands and earbuds plugged they are running into dangerous situations - Especially in crowded places and Railroad Crossings.

What it does

We warn people about incoming Trains using their smartphones, they're currently using. If we deploy these beacons in EVERY train, we are able to provide an innovative navigation system for local public transport. This system is absolutely independent from GPS or WiFi positioning system and at least for the navigation itself independent from active internet connection.

How we built it

Placing very cheap Bluetooth LE Beacons ~16$ in every train we use the Notification Feature of smartphones to warn the user of incoming public trains. The beacons are advertising a composition of an namespace, which identifies our service, the train identifier and upcoming train station. If you're about to change the train or get off our app recognize the right train station and is notifying you just in time.

Challenges we ran into

We had huge problems in polling for bluetooth devices with short lags. In the end we were suprised about the range of the beacons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of accomplishing the near-real time notifications for mobile beacons.

What We learned

We found a lot of new frameworks for beacons with very diversive functionalities. Unfortunately Google's new Nearby Notifications API is still not in pre-release and were not usable for us so far.

What's next for Trattention©

We have to scale over more cities and get to run our navigation.

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