Inspired by the litter that we all see and produce every day - cleanUp is an environmental cleanup app powered BY the community FOR the community.

trashtag challenge

#trashtag on twitter

trashtag challenge

Challenge to post before and after pics of areas that need cleanup. i.e. a before picture of a beach littered with trash, and an after pic of the beach with clean sand now visible. This helps to provide accountability and proof while also encouraging community engagement and support.

What it does

Community members will be able to take and upload pictures of areas that contain litter. Once an area gets a certain number of posts, it will be flagged as a cleanup spot that other users can see. When a user accepts a cleanup request, it is removed from the list and re-populated as 'needing review.' Other users can confirm that the clean up was done and once confirmed, it will be removed.

How we built it

idea and inspiration -> fleshed out mvp -> sketch cards and breaking down into small components -> work some regroup -> repeat previous -> have fun

Challenges we ran into

mapping data and visualizing the data deployment git google map integration with react

Accomplishments that we're proud of

deployment geolocation image hosting making it through the hackathon

What we learned

google maps with react is very challenging trash is serious problem that needs addressing the people can change the world when we group together to solve problems

What's next for trashsnap

get some real data run some data analytics get the community involved work with the city to help them isolate high trash areas

Table : 19.A

app was built for mobile devices

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posted an update

Got maps working or at least we got it on the mvp page. We still have a long ways to go but we are super tiered and the red bulls aren't doing anything any more. We will begin working the presentation in the morning around 8am.

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posted an update

We have the idea fleshed out and we have the idea of our minimum viable product. There are four main points of our MVP that we need to work out. Two of which are functioning but we still need to work of the more challenges ones. Coding hard!

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