Inspiration 💡

As we are celebrating the sustainability week from tomorrow, and supporting the United nation cause to make this world more sustainable. As humans exist, it is natural that we produce waste, the locating and disposal of the waste becomes a hassle to community helpers to get it cleaned efficiently and most of the time it just gets piled up creating an unhygienic environment or lakes being polluted with plastic. Introducing TrashPanda, an interactive app helping the volunteers to find places with trash and report them. The difference between our application and other websites which provides information of voluntary services is that we work with the people. We work based on how many people have reported the community issue and even create large scale events to clean up different places.

What it does ✍🏾

Naturally, we went on and looked at websites which provide the service for you to volunteer. How are we different? Firstly the project let's users report trash using a photo in a certain area. It saves the location and time of the reported trash and if enough people have seen it to cross the threshold amount an event is created at the place for people to volunteer and clean it up. The event is moderated by community helpers and is also open to anyone who wants to take the initiative. The app also gives you a pop up showing places where the trash is there and you can rsvp for the event. We work from small community cleaning to helping clean rivers as well.

How we built it 🛠️

We built the app using technologies like node.js and react. We also integrated firebase and the google maps API to make it work.

Challenges we ran into 🛑

Firstly finding a better interactive way for volunteers to report the trash and then saving the data of the trash. Once we were settled on using a picture and a threshold limit of how many people report he trash we overcame the issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🍾

Mainly, getting the interaction and finding a way to report trash and using that data to create an event. We wanted to make it simple and easy to use but still be efficient enough to get the work done. It could help students and people develop an habit of volunteering easily and make it a lifestyle while helping nature.

What we learned 📚

We learned about various things on how cleaning up a certain percentage of trash could impact the sustainability and well being of the planet. We also learned about various process and technologies which could be integrated into the project to make it easier and interactive to use. Also helping volunteers use something easy to help nature.

What's next for TrashPanda 🧭

This is just the start. TrashPanda could go on to take up major projects for creating events to clean up beaches, oceans and various other places. We plan to add a feature to make the app find relations as to why there's trash being generated in a certain location and how frequent is it. We also want to add a reward based system on people who visited the event and helped in cleaning.

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