All of us generate trash somehow or the other. Whether it is as simple as drinking that soft drink,or something complicated like constructing a house.

  1. Inspiration The inspiration of TrashMate was drawn from the Life of "Nek Chand Ji", one who made the entire "Rock Garden" of "Chandigarh,India". He dedicated whole of his life to make world clean by reusing the Trash.

  2. What it does ? Our primary goal is "Invest Trash, Harvest Love". So, to achieve our goal we made a medium which is TrashMate . Basically, this is like a social media platform, where the users can interact with people of similar interest. In TrashMate, users can provide trash to those creative minds which can make a worth out of it. TrashMate is just a gateway between Trash Givers and Treasure Makers.

  3. Challenges we ran into Being novel to these kind of tasks, our team came across various challenges including GUI, implementation of Google Login etc.

4.Accomplishments that we're proud of Not having any idea about making this kind of a project in a limited time frame,we are glad we could develop something like this

  1. What we learnt Trash of someone could be treasure of other one. We just need to connect both the users via some kind of gateway, here TrashMate does the job.

  2. What's next for this With TrashMate, our team aims to convert Trash into Treasure. Our team seeks to expand it beyond limits.

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