As environmentally conscious youth, we wanted to use technology to help spread awareness regarding global warming.

What it does

Our platform helps in finding the closest trashcan to the user and the app provides navigation facilities as well.

How I built it

Constructed a server in Node.js and Express and added all the required data files along with REST APIs to serve the data to client. We built an app on Android using Kotlin. Built a web app using EJS templating, Javascript and CSS. On the clients, we used Google Maps API to fetch location and display the closest bins to the user.

Challenges I ran into

Finding appropriate data to suit our needs. Kotlin integration with Google Maps API. Interfacing the server logic with Android App.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing an entire software product within 24 hours. Finding a way to integrate environmental issue with technology.

What I learned

Gained experience with server-side programming on Node.js. Gained experience with creating an Android App in Kotlin.

What's next for Trashify

Integrating features that would provide information on the type of trash cans as well. Integrate the app with DSNY API to continuously update data on the site. Extend this app to other cities where data is available.

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