We were inspired by environmental pollution caused by littering and desperately wants to improve it. Through this app, we want to raise the awareness of environmental protection among citizens, and popularize the knowledge of trash classification.

What it does

From user photos of their trash, recognize and categorize the trash to inform the user on the proper disposal method of that trash. Log the user's trash disposal.

How we built it

Using Swift in Xcode and attempted ML.

Challenges we ran into

Not being able to implement our trained neural network(written in python TensorFlow) into the application(that only uses mlmodel). Improving the accuracy of the trained machine learning model to classify different types of trash. Without the access of apple developer account, many features are restricted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to retrieve and store data from Google Firebase without bugs.

What we learned

Ways to counter the asynchronous nature of retrieving data from Firebase. Training machine learning model to fit our specific purpose. Autocrawling image from online sources for the machine learning model training. Using data from Firebase to graph into pie chart.

What's next for Trashification

Implementing the Machine Learning model with more accuracy to classify the trash. Improve the machine learning model to identify and classify multiple trash in one photo. Implement camera function after obtaining the developer's account from Apple. Create online community to allow users to interact with each other.

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