The inspiration for Trashero came by looking at the problem of littering in our cities and our experience with the site On issuehunt open source project owners are able to incentivize engagement for their projects by having issues sponsored so that the solver of the issue will get a monetary amount once they solve it. We wanted to create a similar concept with Trashero.

What it does

Trashero allows users to post a "bounty" of a an area with a lot of trash or litter for someone else to clean up. Attached to the bounty is the amount the poster is willing to pay for having it cleaned. If others want to add to that bounty they can and can chip in small sums to add to the pot. This incentivizes other users to claim that bounty and essentially clean up the city.

How we built it

The app is a mobile-first progressive web app built on Google's Cloud Platform (Maps, Firebase, Compute Engine) using React and Node.js.

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