Our street is filled with trash, yet there just aren't enough money for the government to hire people to clean them. This is why we made this web PWA app called trash bounty, and it gives a transparent approach for people with money to place a bounty on a trash site and see it get cleaned.

What it does

User could login, click on a trash site they located, and place a monetary prize on cleaning it up. The data is being saved in Mongodb. Afterward, any other user could see that bounty as a marker, view the prize, and take that bounty by cleaning up the trash site marked on the map and showing proof.

How I built it

We used google map javascript API for the map. The front end is HTML js css and PWA tech stacks Backend is node.js, mongoose


In the entirety of human history, there has never been a time where we are so advanced as a species. We have altered our atmosphere and have terraformed our planet; not in flowers, but in plastic. With the exponential growth of trash piling in our society every day, we need to act together as one species to combat this challenge. That is why we built the TrashBountify. Through the usage of Node.js, front end stack, google map javascript api and other web technologies, we were able to connect people around the globe toward solving the plastic crisis. Anyone includes you who cares about the environment could directly place bounty on a trash site, and wait for people who can spend the effort to clean it up to clean it up and take the bounty. And if you would like to do something physically to help the environment, you can simply open the app and look for available bounties for trash and litters around your region. Our cycle of placing bounty and awards for trash picking and recycling has an incredible potential in helping the current environmental crisis and cleaning up our littered street and highways. Let us all achieve something great, and step starts with TrashBountify.

**Please open the link with mobile resolution as it is designed for mobile

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