To provide a low-cost method to educate children in Kenya about STEM and robotics.

What it does

This is a mobile app that is a pseudocode line editor IDE which programs the wave forms from the 3.5mm auxiliary audio port in such a way that it can control 2 servo motors. The IDE can also access the sensors originally on the cellphone for various purposes

Essentially, this cuts back on the necessity of a microcontroller and a computer for the IDE as well as various sensors that may be required. 93% of Kenyans have access to a mobile phone and so 93% will now have access to a basic robotics platform.

This encourages users to create to the limits of their imagination, even using spare or salvaged parts from "trash"

A website for this app is also present with IDE syntax tutorials to building guides for cool projects. A forum page for users is also supported so that the community can help each other with their individual projects.

What's next for TrashBOT

Not all users may have access to spare electronics parts and it may not be convenient for classrooms to salvage all their parts. So a partnership with a charity organization such as Free the Children would be optimal. This partnership would be used to distribute a basic starter kit toclassrooms with all the components and resources necessary such as:

-2 servo motors

-1 auxiliary audio jack

-1 solderless breadboard

-1 foot of copper wire

-10 1 ohm resistors

-1 9v battery

This kit would have an estimated cost of KES 720 each ( $9.50 CAN) which is much more affordable, practical and durable than other electronic starter kits such as arduino.

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