In today's situation, without lack of real time data and updates, Street Cleaning and Trash bin cleaning comes with hassles.

Some of these hassles on the consumer side are as below:

  • Last minute anxiety to bring the trash out to be picked up or move the parked car to free up the street for street cleaning.
  • One is never sure when the trash pickup/ street cleaning truck is in the neighborhood.
  • Consumers end up getting parking ticket or miss the trash truck.
  • Leaving trash overnight increases rodent problems.

Some of these hassles on the utility company side are as below:

  • Lack of realtime updates.
  • Lack of real time trash pick up/street cleaning coverage.
  • Lack of data to make good decisions that could benefit the consumers.

Trash Time brings the power of proximity based location aware context to neighborhood streets for efficient trash pick up and street cleaning tasks.

The idea is to attached low BLTE beacons to trash bin associated to a household. These beacons broadcasts a low bluetooth energy signal within a proximity and can gather a wide range data around its location like speed, temperature, proximity distance which can be used to gather information and send realtime notifications and updates.

Every time the trash pickup/ street sweeper truck comes within a proximity to a trash bin, it will gather real time data related to the trash bin and updated the salesforce application with proximity context.

The application consists of 3 components.

  • A native android app that is carried by the truck driver and which in the background listens to beacon signals in the proximity and updates information in the salesforce application.

  • The salesforce application for the Utility company to gather information regarding the trash bins like time when it was picked up, how long did it took for the trash to pick up, average time to pick up a trash bin in a neighborhood and provides real time coverage of this activity in a geo location.

  • A Consumer facing application built using to be used by households in a neighborhood to get real time notifications and updates when the cleaning truck is in the neighborhood. They can also report any issues to the Utility companies via the app.

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