While walking to a nearby Dunkin Donuts, we saw a large amount of trash on the sidewalk, which inspired us to create a application to promote sustainable habits.

What it does

Promotes environmentally friendly decisions through keeping track of the trash and recycling items that users scan and through the scoring system which allows users to not only keep the environment in mind, but also compete against friends.

How we built it

We utilized Android Studio, MIT App Inventor, Google Drawing

Challenges we ran into

Technical difficulties caused us to start from scratch 7 hours into the competition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing on time with a working product! In particular, we are especially excited about successfully implementing the scanner feature.

What we learned

We learned a lot about perseverance, time management, and working as a team.

What's next for Trash Talk

If we had more time to continue on our program, we would expand our data base and improve our aesthetics. Otherwise, we would like to continue to experience hackathons and amazing events like this one.

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