Target Audience There is already a dedicated government complaint departments that facilitates citizen. But the main issue is; are the complaints fixed properly or is their complaints are still unanswered? There are so many civic problems but we are for the time being just focused on web-based platform that connects trash collectors and waste management department so that they can make there system efficient and beneficial for citizen also. So our target audience will be waste management department under CDA that can facilitate citizen by tracking complaint. We want to digitize CDA Waste management team by making performance based trash system. Why we want to build it It is a kind of surveillance system that helps CDA to check daily report of each trash collector. It will helps to management team for checking daily performance and also track to trash collectors, is they dump trash daily at correct waste feeding points. Service/App/Web portal The previous waste management system of CDA have some limitations in the mandates and modes under which they are operating. So we are providing a best solution in the form of Trash Taker web app that is used to track waste, all waste movements & activities are recorded into a portal. Benefits Trash Taker web app will modify the existing waste management system that can organize activities of waste collectors by checking their daily performance.

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