This is the _ trashiest _ idea we could come up with - a minimalist and inexpensive way to turn your trash can into an environmentally conscious monitor.

What it does

Our device is designed to be placed in a trash bin under a trash bag. When trash is deposited into the bag, the device records the amount of trash deposited, enabling us to display visualizations of an individual's trash usage over time to make them more aware of their waste and encourage them to moderate their trashy habits.

How we built it

We first developed a method for measuring the amount of additional trash inserted into a bin. Using an altimeter and a bladder resting under the garbage bag, we periodically log the pressure on the bag and use this to calculate the weight of the trash within the bag. This information is then sent to a server and rendered to a website,, which utilizes a variety of graphs to showcase helpful metrics of trash usage over time and other metrics.

GitHub Repository

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