Our team was inspired by our own beautiful, green-friendly city Denver, CO. With sustainability in mind, we wanted to add a gamification strategy to simple tasks like recycling and reducing litter. It’d be wonderful if corporations and local businesses were to help incentivize users' actions!

What it does

No one likes a litterer! Trash Panda helps users find the nearest recycling and trash bin locations. Take it one step further and earn points for every time you recycle or add a new location to the map.

How we built it

Trash Panda was built with Node, Express, and Google Firestore on the backend, and React, SASS, and Google Maps API on the front-end. Our logo and Google Maps marker were hand-drawn by our talented teammate Sydney Goldberg.

Challenges we ran into

Timing! We had so many great ideas we wanted to implement. We would have liked to fully incorporate a point system for user actions. Our biggest challenge was learning how to use Google/Firebase Firestore, Authentication and Functions and connect it with our Node.js backend in such a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating an app in less than 36 hours
  • Utilizing Google Maps API
  • Responsive Design

What we learned

  • How to use React hooks
  • How to use Google Maps API
  • How to make an app from scratch in a day
  • Using modal forms
  • Creating a PWA

What's next for Trash Panda

The next feature planned for this app is to add full functionality for users to earn points for every recorded recycle action, and also earn points for each recycling location they add to the map for others to utilize. A leaderboard for the top point-earners will be visible on the app to help incentivize users. We would also love to add more content to educate users on best practices to recycle correctly and better the environment.

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