We have realised over the years that people do not want to actively learn about the correct way to recycle even though it is such a simple yet effective process. James came to this conclusion after being assigned one pesky assignment back in high school.

So what is the solution? We must subconsciously teach the general public about the trash that can be correctly thrown into the recycling bin! By making it simple, yet addictive, we can ensure to get it engraved in their minds.

What it does

Trash Game is a simple point and click game where the user must aim and shoot trash into the correctly labelled and moving garbage trucks. It requires some skill, which was done to keep the game entertaining and attempt to subconsciously move it away from its educational aspect.

The game revolves around increasing pressure for the user to perform well, which ensures that they are making quick and snap decisions about which kind of trash belongs in the recycling. This was done by adding a timer, which can be incremented every time the player scores correctly, reaching Game Over once it has run out.

How we built it

Trash Game was built using Unity.

What's next for Trash Game

Trash Game is an exciting product because its future possibilities are quite endless.

An obvious future accomplishment would be to collaborate with the educational sector to get our game integrated within the curriculum, which young students can learn about the correct way to recycle their trash.

A more interesting goal would be to make the game specific to one's geographical location, where local government can apply their own specific rules and quirks to the game to ensure it is completely tailored to a specific household living in their area.

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