Introduction: This is the fiction world of Trash Dove. One day he ate a special acorn and gained his powers to SHAKE IT which amplifies his movement speed.

Inspiration: We've played many troll games in the past and think a lot of people really love them. So we decided to make a troll game ourselves based on the current meme trash dove!

What it does: It is a 2D platform game which aims to get the trash dove to the flag. It should take multiple tries because of the many booby traps and obstacles.

How we built it: We used game maker to implement the game rules and levels. Most of the in-game visuals are found online and modified using Photoshop and Gimp.

Challenges we ran into: The implementation of all the booby traps and improving the game based on player feedback. We also didn't have any experience with game maker before so getting started was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: The fact that many people liked the game.

What we learned: How to use game maker and manage our time by splitting certain tasks.

What's next for Trash Doves Trolling Game: Improving the game by making more level and increasing the diversity of the traps.

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