We have seen how people don't discard waste properly into the correct trash bins. This game was designed to educate people on the right bins to put each piece of waste in. If everyone learns how to discard their waste properly, it will allow less work for the people who have to sort out the waste, improving the recycling process and leading to a cleaner and more efficient world.

What it does

This game teaches you about what waste can go into the paper recycling bin, plastic/cans recycling bin, and the bio waste bin.

How we built it

We built this game using construct 3 and we designed the sprites using link

Challenges we ran into

An initial challenge we had was whether to create a website or a game to increase awareness on recycling. In the end, we chose to make a game. We had started making the prototype using the free version of Construct 3, but it had some limitations, so we ended up buying the premium version of Construct, which allowed us to do more stuff. Other challenges we ran into were some problems with the code, as well as how the game was a bit boring when we made our first draft. However, we were able to fix most of the problems and change the layout of the game to make it more fun to play.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the starting page that we made, since it turned out really nice. We're also proud of the sprites that we made and how we kept going even when we ran into some challenges.

What we learned

We got more familiar with using construct 3 to build a game and we also learned how to effectively work together to get our work done.

What's next for Trash Dash

We want to further incorporate a variety of more trash, especially commonly discarded trash.

Built With

  • construct3
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