Gunn High and many other places have an absurd amount of both litter, despite the many trash cans around Gunn. We hope that with our website all trash can be properly disposed of.
Single-use water bottles also contribute to the high amounts of litter in Gunn High and in major cities. We solved this by adding a water fountain tracker. If the user has a multi-use water bottle the website can direct to nearest water bottle filling equipped water fountain, but if the user only has a mouth it can direct to any water fountain out there. Our product also includes support for our furry friends who also need water by including dog bowl water fountain support.

What it does

Our project can direct users to the nearest trash can - wherein they can pick from trash, recycling, and compost - and water fountains. Users can select to search for water bottle fill stations, water fountains, and pet water fountains.

How we built it

Built in 24 hours with minimal amounts of sleep.

Challenges we ran into

  • We planned to use Google maps API, but even the free version required a credit card. Thankfully we found an alternative: Bing Maps.
  • UI took time to make: none of us have past experience with HTML, CSS, or JS.
  • Lacks of coffee at 5 am.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functioning Application able to store large amounts of data and access data quickly. Gained experience working with Python libraries and making websites. Built in a day.

What we learned

Learned how to:

  • code in new languages
  • work together (for the most part)
  • brew coffee poorly.

What's next?

Future plans for our project:

  • Review system, logging when water fountains break
  • Estimating when trash cans will fill up based on user input
  • Using existing trash can database to suggest more trash cans in an area

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