Inspiration This game was mostly inspired by Undertale, an RPG where you can interact with, fight, and befriend monsters in a place called the underground. The monsters were partly inspired by Pokémon too.

What it does This is a 2d video game where you need to find your way home after falling from space onto a strange planet

How I built it I used a coding software called Gamemaker Studio 2 to make this game

Challenges I ran into The script for my text system glitched and didn't work, so I had to debug it and find out the problem

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I was really proud of the script when I got it to work and the fight system

What I learned I learned a lot about Gamemaker Studio, and I know a lot more about it than when I started the project

What's next for Trapped on Eltar Next I will use the base coding i've made to create the rest of the game ;)

CONTROLS: arrow keys to move, enter to attack, do text, and start the game

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