The trans community has long utilized social networks such as tumblr and instagram to share with one another the unique process that is transitioning. We wanted to think about how a modern mobile app could help facilitate similar sharing of personal experiences as well as community knowledge and resources.

How it works

Users can create and share stories by taking selfies or by importing images from on-device albums, recording a voice narrative or typing a written one. This multimedia narrative is packaged into a story and presented in the feed. In the feed, users can pan left and write on stories to see multiple pictures in a story to visualize change as well as listen to the audio narrative to witness how one's voice might change during transition.

Challenges I ran into

Just getting stuck on and learning a lot of stuff.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

No time to list.

What I learned


What's next for Transtory

Layer integration so users can chat about specific trans-related topics such as particular surgeries with fellow users who might have substantial knowledge regarding them or have had personal experiences with them.

Built With

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