Having witnessed the lack of coordinated resources for trans people as a nonbinary person myself, I was inspired to create this hub of information and tools dedicated towards connecting trans youth with the resources they need, answering questions and being a guiding light for those in questioning.

What it does

TransPositive is essentially a resource hub for trans youth - it hosts features like a news feed, a term dictionary as well as a legal dictionary, and tools that advocate for binding safety and a pronoun “dressing room”.

How I built it

I built it using HTML to host content, CSS, and JavaScript to implement interactive features.

Challenges I ran into

Having taken on this enormous project entirely by myself, having to manage and organize the entire application from one perspective definitely made a drastically different experience. The process of pulling this application off solo was both liberating and stressful. This project involved more JavaScript - a language that I’m not as familiar with - than any other project I had done before, which was a great challenge. However, I was able to pull through all of it, learning development tricks and management along the way.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

I am proud of the fact that I was able to execute this project in a way that I had always envisioned it, without any huge hiccups or screaming issues. As a trans person, transgender issues are very important to me - it’s why I created this application in the first place.

What I learned

Throughout this process, I learned a great deal about web development, specifically with regards to applying JavaScript and making the application more client-interactive, as the third piece of the web engineering puzzle alongside HTML and CSS. I was able to strengthen my skills and intuition in graphic design and website management.

What's next for TransPositive

I hope to actively manage TransPositive in the future, maintaining it for anyone who needs it. From this point, I will work on improving existing features, advancing the visual user experience and implementing more advanced concepts and interactive reactions through JavaScript.

Special thanks to Pan for giving me their input and writing a blog post for it's initial launch.

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