FarePass is a blockchain application that allows purchase of public transport passes based on volume present at different transport hubs and the number of passes previously purchased.

Pitch deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cGmqOf55ByTKShMHQLazUSxSiJTtTT5OTCnxrSor1CQ/edit?usp=sharing

Tested/demoed on ropsten network.

How we built it

FarePass queries an index of train locations across the US allowing the user to create their own custom route for pass purchase.

Upon completing the purchase, the user is redirected to a receipt/completion page linking to the transaction alongside the created pass document as a pdf. Currently supports the Kovan network only.

  • Metamask/web3 (contract interaction)
  • Circle API (USDC payments)
  • Rarible (Ticket NFT generation)


Covid caused a huge drop in public service usage last year. As services reopen, the use of physical tickets

The ability to sell or retrade physical printed tickets is also difficult in many cases, especially across networks. With FarePass, two parties can trade a ticket. The owner of the ticket verifies their identity and pass ownership at the time of redemption.

What it does

  • Uses circle API for integrating USDC purchasing of tickets.
  • Rarible NFT minting enables creating a 'virtual' ticket for the fare purchase.
  • Determines the real-time price for a given transport contract.
  • Creates a marketplace where tickets can be resold and traded.
  • Generates a receipt representing your pass purchase.
  • NFT can be presented by the owner at time of redemption / use.

Future work

  • Obtain partnerships with companies willing to offer fare in the form of transferable NFT's.
  • Launch mainnet
  • Expand to other tickets like conferences
  • Add QR cores that enable scanning at time of use

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