Boost - A Strategy for Green Travel

Under the current issues (COVID) and rising concerns over congestion of traffic and air pollution, we decided to make a website where users are allowed to book three different modes of transport (all while keeping price and helping the environment to ensure ease of mind):

  1. Using a Bus-Oriented System
  2. Using a Car-booking System (with preference for Electronic vehicles)
  3. Using Rent-able Bikes

All these can be accessed on our website by clicking the icons of the respective mode of transportation.

We displayed the respective fare amounts in accordance to the user's preferred mode of transport, with special attention to the growing increase in the traffic and as a result we have come up with several ideas.

  • Maximize the use of the electric vehicles within the website
  • Use a system where vehicles that are available to work alternate with odd numbered-license plates one day and the vehicles with even numbers on the next day in order to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road (thus maximizing our sustainability and also aid with less traffic

What Inspired Us?

Having one of the members native to Windsor and having all voiced concerns about sustainable mobility, we felt this one called us the most, using our previous knowledge and our want to learn more to make something that went beyond what was already made before with the user first and foremost in mind. The idea of transforming the Windsor-Essex landscape into an Eco-Friendly, yet bustling city prompted us to make the most out of this challenge, all while having fun.

Challenges Faced

It wouldn't be a challenge if we didn't face innumerable challenges at once, wouldn't it? Of course having members of different expertise was both a challenge and a boost (pun intended), finding ways to make ourselves resourceful and learning new skills in such little time. The time zone difference also proved difficult, but with such a diligent group of people any obstacle was hurdled past easily.

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