On a recent trip to Berlin, we spent many hours trying to find the best flight and hotel combo for our stay, as well as finding things we wanted to do there.

What it does

The website allows the user to use a Tinder-like interface to select an area they might like to travel to, then allows them to book flights in a time frame according to a budget. Then 3 packages are presented: low, medium and high priced offers. Finally, if a user wants to find out things they might like to do in this place, the website uses the Deutsche Bank API to analyse the users bank data and pick out ideal things for them to do.

How we built it

In a team of 4 we split ourselves into front-end and back-end; where the front-end engineers programmed the website design and user interaction, and the back-end engineers processed the data gathered from the user's input using appropriate API's and server-side calculations.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the API's to work in conjunction with Node.js and our front-end was a huge task, especially as we are all new to web programming in general. We ended up only being implement the Deutsche Bank API into our final solution, so the tinder system and package system are simply templates with dummy data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get a good understanding of setting up a Node.js servers and implementing jQuery and AJAX, which we'd never used before. Also being able to navigate through an unseen API's documentation and actually implementing it is something we're proud of, as we have limited experience with using API's.

What we learned

We learned several web programming techniques including AJAX requests with jQuery, Node.js implementation and general knowledge of front-end design.

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