College students only receive information that landlord provides thus they get swindled


We have been victim of the backdoor and shady landlords and bad properties. I should not have been living in home where the lead paint was covered up, or where the windows would not open in room leaving us with no fire escape. Landlords use unethical methods because they know that college students need cheaper housing. But they should not have to find out bad parts of places that they live. We want to bring transparency to the college renting market. We want to know what the status of our rental properties before we move in. We want to know what other renters have paid so we know that they market is fair. We want to see the true status of the house before and after every renter has moved in and out.

What it does

We built a Soildity smart contract to not only pay rent every month to the landlord but keep all information transparent.

How we built it

We used Remix an online solidity complier to not only test on a mock blockchain with fake ether

Challenges we ran into

The Moving parts in a contract. We have limited experience in Soildity so we are still trying to understand how object interact with a contract. We struggled with how to make everything viewable in a very functional way

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We wer brave enough to keep going after all of our failed ideas and challenges.

What we learned

Soildity is difficult. It is hard to figure out how to keep track of objects but also not over spend the gas money that each user would need to interact with the contract

What's next for TransparentHouseContract

We would love to add more functionality. It would love to be able to have a logical flow of what the property looks like, keep track of damages, repair and inspections.

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