Organs especially crimes related to organs are a very present and serious problem. But it's not often talked about. That's why we try to reach transparancy with organ tracking. Sadly we all ran out of time.

What it does

It really does nothing right now. My teammates built a nice webforntend but sadly we couldn't conect it through web3js to the solidity code.

How I built it

We tried to put everythin within one contract. But it somehow didn't work with structs. I went through some examples but there was nothing to fix my whole code.

Challenges I ran into

Everything. But the hardest was the solidity code. I didn't have enough time to proper learn how to code solidity. That's why not even one function works. Same with my teammates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How far we came and what my teammates were capable of.

What I learned

I had a lot of fun. I meet a lot of cool new people and had fun with my teammates.

What's next for Transparent Organs

I guess i ll try to give it a proper solidity code. It's really buging me right now but nothing I can do against it.

Thanks for the great time and opportunity!

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