Currently, the NFT market is been focused on the creation and trading of graphic (static or animated, sound-based) art. That leaves behind a great number of people with disabilities that cannot get the information of what the pieces of art are about, thus, cannot complete their research to be part of this ecosystem.

Other people supporting them can be helpful, but we should consider a standard to include in the information inherent to the NFT

What it does

Setup a multi-chain interface explorer, if marketplaces, sites, or apps do not have it implemented. Once the standard is well known, people receive an incentive to complete the description for the NFTs … yes that’s tokens for that bounty—this should need graceful sponsors committed to diversity to fund!

How we built it

A simple web deployed on IPFS to list the attributes gathered from the chains. A reusable component to read those additional attributes from all the chains, it is agnostic as far as the standard field to read is defined on each chain’s explorer interface (tested with explorer, etherscan, algoexplorer, polysgoncan and harmony explorer)

Challenges we ran into

No standards for this, we will need to push our proposal

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This will be groundbreaking and impactful

What we learned

There is nothing deployed for accessibility for NFTs!

What's next for Transparent NFTs


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