In Germany, hospitals belong either to public or private sector. In some other countries, hospitals belong 100% to government. However, on the national and regional level medical stuff is not sufficient to cover needs: high level of patients, increase of sickness rate.

In 2020, Governments (health ministries) and all of us are worrying about a possible future collapsing of the social health system due to Covid-19 crisis. But if it would happen, can we guess the when? or can we avoid it by establishing and intensifying the measures? how to measure the stability of the health system and its institutions?


Ensuring a stable social health system is a requirements in our modern society. Governments should act and not wait for new viruses to think about measuring, monitoring, balancing and investing in the heath system. Can we apply a Governmental Health System Stability and KPI-Dashboard?

Proposed Solution: What it does?

CapaTransparency@OurHospitals is a “in Real-Time KPI Dashboard” application, which helps governments/ health ministries to:

  • Lists and connects digitally all hospitals and governmental medical institutions existing in the different regions and complete country via iOT.
  • Includes real data about available medical stuff working at these institutions and their respective specialties.
  • Includes real data analysis about number of patients and respective sickness categories in these medical institutions.
  • Visualize the distribution of medical personnel in cities, regions and in the country.
  • Visualize the distribution of number of patients in the different sickness categories in cities, regions and in the country.
  • Analyze and Visualize personnel capacity and gaps
  • Monitor and to balance the distribution of medical personnel in different cities and regions in the country.
  • Helps identifying and visualizing medical specialties’ gaps
  • Supports the strategic mid-term and long-term personnel planning in the medical sector.
  • Ensure Transparency of medical staff capacities and stability of our health system
  • CapaTransparency@OurHospitals is in addition a strategic Forecast application to forecast and avoid “possible collapsing” of the governmental health system.

What is CapaTransparency@OurHospitals?

Es ist Ein Live KPI-Dashboard: ein modernes digitales Tool, mit dem Daten in Echtzeit mit Hilfe von interaktiven Datenvisualisierungen analysiert, überwacht und ausgewertet werden können. Diese Real Time Dashboards werden automatisch aktualisiert. Die Stabilität unseres Gesundheitssystem und seine Institutionen wird visualisiert und transparent dargestellt.

Proposed Solution: For whom?

This application focus on Target groups: governmental health ministry, not only in Germany, which work on strategic topics and has as goal to ensure the stability of the social health system. This solution might be relevant for countries, in which most the majority of medical institutions belong to the public sector.


-"Med"CapaTransparency@OurHospitals connects digitally all hospitals and goes forward in Industrie 4.0 for the medical sector.

What's next for 'Med'CapaTransparency@OurHospitals

  • find sponsoring, mentoring, interested target group

Challenges,I have encountered during #Hackathlon2020

  • Since, I believe that #Hackathlon2020 is social solidarity creative initiative, I enjoyed embracing living this great experience and hacking a challenge is a team.
  • During the #Hackathlon wirvsVirus, I decided to support and be part of my other "new team " #shareyoucare" in developing another idea.

  • It is was a funny Chaos to find the right channels and members :) Therefore I had to work alone on this project idea #'Med'CapaTransparency@OurHospitals...

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