The project was submitted for the Global Game Jam 2018. The theme for the jam was "Transmission". Original submission page:

When's the last time you sent an email? Made a phone call? Watched a YouTube video? How about the last time you used the internet? Information is constantly moving around us, on a spectrum that's invisible to the human eye. Millions upon millions of signals are being transmitted, sent, or received at any given time, and one can only imagine how densely packed and chaotic those signals are. In fact, it's a miracle that one signal can reach it's goal through all of the noise other signals generate. Our game follows the impossible mission of a single signal trying to reach it's final destination, navigating intense internet traffic, phone calls, radio waves, and more to complete its journey. Will you survive the waves of cat videos, memes, spam, and instant messages? Can you find your way through the cacophony of radio stations broadcasting all around you? Will your lone signal make it through the noise and interference, or will you be lost in a sea of invisible waves? Will this be a transmission impossible?

What it does

Transmission Impossible is a bullet-hell vertical scrolling game made for Android/mobile devices, as part of the Global Game Jam 2018. The player must dodge different types of signals and interference, such as radio towers, pictures/videos, messages, enemy signals, and more! Ultimately, you must guide your signal to it's destination tower. There are a total of 4 levels, the last of which is a combination of all different types of interference.

How I built it

This project was created using the Unity Game Engine.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Believe it or not, this is the first time our team didn't create a VR project at a Hackathon. It's also our first "game jam", even though we've been to lots of Hackathons before! We're proud of doing something different, getting out of our comfort zone, and making something fun that we can laugh about.

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