Jeb Bush's presidential run.

What it does

Control IoT devices using pervasive software and hardware iPhone, and Siri. With Amazon Echo separate hardware is required, and it is less convenient due to the fact that Amazon Echo is not a single key press away, and available at all times right from your pocket, regardless of location. You can even control your home IoT devices while not on your home network.

How I built it

The internet is a series of tubes. We connect those tubes to make internet of things devices do what you want.

Challenges I ran into

Siri is a proprietary API controlled by Apple that forbids developers from tweaking it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Controlling devices remotely with my voice.

What I learned

I learned bash can be used for nearly anything.

What's next for transmeta command

Developing modules for all of the popular IoT devices (Hue lightbulbs, Nest devices, Apple TV) so that they integrate with our Siri voice control API.

Built With

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