Since a decade, Algeria is facing a problem with transportation especially in the big cities. Therefore, we create Transmart to overcome this problem and solve it partially.

What it does

Transmart is a system that help the passenger to find his way home easily and facilitate the process of payment, for both resident and tourist. link

How we built it

we built it using the magnetic card which has the profile of the passenger, in addition to mobile app that shows him his personal information and his destination way.

Challenges we ran into

the biggest challenge we are going to face is to put all the transportation means under the control of one authority.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could develop the idea between just 2 team members only, in less than 48 hours

What we learned

we learnt a lot about the smart cities and the new approaches that our cities can have.

What's next for Transmart

our short-term goal is to make it happens in Algeria, in all the cities and Our long-term in to did it for all the North Africa region

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