We were inspired to apply our knowledge of data analysis and android development to create a simple and useful product that can help ease the pain of commuting.

What it does

The user will input the bus ID he/she is on, and the app will connect to Translink's API to locate all the stations of the bus. The user will then input the stop he/she wants to get off at, and the app will calculate the average time it takes for the user to travel to that location. After that, the app will create an alarm based on the estimated time and will wake the user a stop before his/her destination. Overall, this app is made to address the hardships of commuting for many students through creating a simple and non-evasive tool.

How we built it

We designed the app using Android Studio, Eclipse, and R. We used Android Studio to design the UI and front-end of the app, Eclipse for the back-end, and R for the data analysis.

Challenges we ran into

Parsing the data through mobile, and finding storage to store the data we parsed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to successfully connect to Translink's API and extract information in real-time.

What we learned

We learned a lot about networks, front-end design, and data analysis through this project

What's next for Translink Bus Stop Notifier

Add GPS tracking to allow the app to calculate in real-time the duration of travel of the user. Also obtain a bigger cloud storage to allow for more data to be stored and accessed, which will make our app faster and computer more data.

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