Inspiration 💡

In one of the events, one of the team members was unable to communicate effectively with several of the new people in the community. So, like all modern problems, we can make a modern solution. The best solution to this problem is creating an application that allows us to communicate with as minimum as possible steps on the user side.

What it does ❓

It takes text input from the user. Depending on the state of the top dropdown box, the program will automatically detect the language or use the language selected. Afterward, the program translates the text to the target class. The output of the translation is shown in the bottom text box.

How we built it 🔧

The program uses one main APIs, Google Translate API by Google Cloud from RapidAPI. Through the Google Translate API, we can translate the input text into a text in the target language.

We used Ruby on Rails for the backend development of the application. We used Bootstrap to make the design for our website. Through Bootstrap, we made calls to Ruby, so we can run scripts to implement the aforementioned APIs.

In addition, the application is a web application because we wanted to make the service public, so both ends can use the application to communicate.

Challenges we ran into 💪

One of the biggest challenges was implementing the APIs. Managing the layouts for responsiveness was also quite time taking.

During our attempts, we tried to implement two way for the translated text to be spoken, one was right after the text was translated and the other was triggered by clicking a button. However, after attempting to fix the many errors we received, we had to remove the idea from the post because of the time constraint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🌟

  1. It was the first hackathon that we completed.
  2. We, even during these times, were able to communicate effectively and closely.
  3. We created something to connect people from different backgrounds.

What we learned 📖

  1. To work in a team.
  2. Several of us learned to use another new programming language (RonR, JS, and CSS).

What's next for LingoMorphism 🤔

We hope to implement a speech-to-text and text-to-speech feature. However, even in modern times, people all over the world are attempting this challenge of speech-to-text. So, we hope, through collaboration, we may be able to go further in the effectiveness of our program to connect others.

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