A lot of people don't know the native language of the place they are travelling to, so i built an app that can help them with that.

What it does

It takes a picture and from the picture recognizes the words in the native language and translates them into a language the user can understand

How I built it

I built it using android studio, java, and firebase including its extensions

Challenges I ran into

I wasn't able to read the images at first because the images were too blurry, which was a constant issue that i had to resolve several times. In the end it started to work better, but in the future i have plans to make the images more clear and easier for the image analyzer to analyze the image and decipher the text

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of being able to use firebase extensions and im also proud of my grit and hard work even with a problem that i basically suffered with throughout this hackathon

What I learned

I learned grit and hard work, as well as i learned how to use firebase api and extensions. This was a very interesting learning experience for me and i plan on continuing in the future.

What's next for TranslatePix

UI improvements, clearer images, more support languages, maybe even a logo

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