Gonzalo: "I'm from Barcelona, and my English is absolute shit." When I first came to PennApps I had a hard time making a team in part due to communication problems. After finding a team, we discussed that current language translation tools are very awkward to use, and can't be used to talk to people remotely.

We then decided to solve this problem by creating Translated Talk

What it does

What Translated Talk does is set up a phone call between two people. A user selects a person to talk to from their contacts list or dials a number of their choosing. The application then detects their preferred language and all communication that they hear is in their preferred language. The application utilizes speech-to-text, text-to-speech. and a translation API. I can have a full conversation with someone without knowing a single word of their language.

Challenges we ran into

-Our first choice of a translation API was deprecated. -Setting an order of communication between the phones -Designing the protocol of communication to share messages -Dealing with speech-to-text errors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works and Gonzalo is happy =)

What we learned

We learned to use Firebase and also to plan out a high-level architecture of the system we needed.

What's next for Translated Talk

-Enable Translated Talk for nearby communication using NFC. This would be helpful for tourists and travellers. -Incorporate this technology in video calls. -Expand the platform to allow multiple users in one conversation (e.g. conference calls)

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