In today's day and age, all the information we send to services can identify the data as ours. When we navigate using a map app, we may reveal our location. When we use a food delivery service, we may reveal our food preferences. When we use a translation app, we may reveal our conversations. With our bot, your conversations will no longer be tied personally to you (assuming you don't say personally identifying information in your translated text).

Translatebot is a Keybase bot which allows anyone anonymously to translate any piece of text to any language from the list of our 20 languages. Just start a chat with translatebot and type in a text to be translated!

The default language is English but this can be changed. DM @tranlatebot /language and click on the language of your choice.

By using Translatebot as the proxy between you and the translation service, the threat of Google knowing all your translated conversations will no longer keep you awake at night!

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