Aravind doesn't speak Chinese. When Nick and Jon speak in Chinese Aravind is sad. We want to solve this problem for all the Aravinds in the world -- not just for Chinese though, for any language!

What it does

TranslatAR allows you to see English (or any other language of your choice) subtitles when you speak to other people speaking a foreign language. This is an augmented reality app which means the subtitles will appear floating in front of you!

How we built it

We used Microsoft Cognitive Services's Translation APIs to transcribe speech and then translate it. To handle the augmented reality aspect, we created our own AR device by combining an iPhone, a webcam, and a Google Cardboard. In order to support video capturing along with multiple microphones, we multithread all our processes.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was trying to add the functionality to handle multiple input sources in different languages simultaneously. We eventually solved it with multithreading, spawning a new thread to listen, translate, and caption for each input source.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest achievement is definitely multi-threading the app to be able to translate a lot of different languages at the same time using different endpoints. This makes real-time multi-lingual conversations possible!

What we learned

We familiarized ourselves with the Cognitive Services API and were also able to create our own AR system that works very well from scratch using OpenCV libraries and Python Imaging Library.

What's next for TranslatAR

We want to launch this App in the AppStore so people can replicate VR/AR on their own phones with nothing more than just an App and an internet connection. It also helps a lot of people whose relatives/friends speak other languages.

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