Ever ran into a ~dank~ looking meme but can't understand it because it's in a foreign language? Or ever been in a restaurant aboard and don't understand the menu? Fear no more! Just get the URL to that image (or upload the image first to the web then get the URL) the input it to TRANSLAMEME and you'll be able to understand it in seconds! Why type the whole text to Google Translate if you can just translate the image itself?

What it does

This web app takes an URL to a text image and extract the text and translate it into any language that you want!

How I built it

Using Flask microframework (and Jinja2 templates), Google Cloud Vision API, and Google Translate API

Challenges I ran into

Not enough time to actually deploy this web app to the web

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completed my very first hackathon projects!!!

What I learned

I learned so much about Flask now am eager to learn more about web development

What's next for Translameme

Next: I will need to deploy it to the web for everyone to use. Right now it runs on localhost (time not permitting to deploy this due to the hackathon's time constraint).

Special thanks

Shoutout to Funing Yang who gave excellent ideas of how to design the cover page of this web app and also how to draft the motivation page.

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