Effective communication that breaks language barrier.

What it does

Register Hand gestures using a Myo armband which is fetched by an Arduino UNO board and translated into text to be read by a processing script that displays speech. Not only does our program output to our laptop's display and its sound system, but we also outputted to an external lcd to show the possibilities of implementing a mobile product with its sole processor.

How we built it

A lua script was developed to convert raw data, using the API provided by ThalmicLabs, to input directed to an Arduino code that process the text and uses sound libraries to produce speech sounds.

Challenges we ran into

Getting familiar with Myo Armband API and usage. Calibration of the Myo Armband. Producing input that could be fetched by the Arduino Uno board. Google Translated was attempted however Google Translate API was not free to public consumers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished our set goals. We were able to work from different start point and join the project together in an agile environment.

What we learned

LUA scripting, Myo Armband API, Processing, Arduino, Teamwork, Organization, Shared passion for Digiflare.

What's next for Translaid

Extrapolation to other languages as well as implementation of more gestures.

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