• Motivation: Every new person in a foreign country needs to speak the local language as a basis for integration. Without it, those people could be simply isolated! Sydney hosts residents from more than 188 different birthplaces with 182 languages spoken.

Top 5 countries of origin Philippines India New Zealand Fiji England

  • Project: This project aims to provide a cheap device that contains a camera that can teach the words from a local language to the native language of the refugee. This can allow the person to learn the vocabulary of the new language in his/her daily life easily

  • How to: By using a pair of cheap smart glasses, I process the camera input with deep learning techniques for object recognition. Afterwards, a translation api is used to obtain the new language word. Then, another api for pronunciation is used to obtain the right pronunciation in the other language. Finally, everything is integrated over wifi.

  • Tasks: Management of Cameras Object Recognition Translation in writing Translation in Audio Communication in real time Implementation of a web interface to see the results Implementation of an audio capability

  • Challenges I ran into: Quantity of individual steps. It is pretty challenging for the short time of the hackathon.

  • Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

  • Object recognition

  • Translation over a wide range of languages

  • Pronunciation in a wide range of languages

  • Web Interface terminated

  • Working on computer!!!

  • Next Step: Connection with the real glasses over internet

  • What I learned: Many technologies to accomplish the final product

  • What's next for TranslaGlass Expansion and mass production of the cheap device to help a high quantity of people

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