I was inspired by DocuSign's easy use of their API to electronically sign a document. This was a key to my earlier idea of creating a translation service online with certifications provided by professional translators.

What it does

It allows a user to get a document both translated and certified with a digital seal from a professional translator

How I built it

The client is a simple multi-page web app written in JavaScript and HTML, accessing a Node.js server which provides both the web pages of the client app and the service of getting a translated document sealed using the DocuSign API.

Challenges I ran into

Making it simple, both for the end user, the translator and the back-end service to get an original document in digital form sent to the server, getting it translated and certified, and creating a bundle of the three documents to get the bundle sealed electronically.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finding a very easy solution to the digital translation seal.

What I learned

DocuSign API provides incredible possibilities to do awesome things. Really looking forward to working further with the development of this project.

What's next for transl8pro

Adding new features, and launching asap. I already have a connection with a large network of professional translators. Will need to find a low-cost solution to market the service to end consumers. Most likely, the professional translators have a great motivation to help with this. There is of course a business model that generates revenue for both the translators and for transl8pro.

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