We just thought why isn't there is an app where we can see predicted arrival time of a bus just like a cab. Therefore TransitLax was born.

What it does

Now you can just choose the destination, choose which route you have to take to reach that destination and you will see all the buses coming towards you. Just select the bus and you will see predicted time.

How we built it

Right now we have built only a web app. So we have used JavaScript. For real time updates of buses' locations we are using firebase as our database. For distance matrix calculation we are using google distance api. Prediction time is also being done by google's api.

Challenges we ran into

Biggest challenge is again actually getting all public buses and other vehicles getting registered on our app and also persuading cafes, restaurants and other places to register them as waiting areas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our idea will seriously reduce frustration of people, standing on bus stops, waiting for bus to arrive.

What we learned

We learned using firebase's database and authentication APIs

What's next for TransitLax

TransitLax is right now just in infancy. It needs to shaped in a real idea.

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