My Transit Buddy prepares commuters to travel to their destination in a faster rate.

It allows users to register an account to keep track of their saved data and allowing different logins through different devices

The keeps track of the user's Metrocard value

There's a function for value base cards

And time based cards.

For future use, My Transit Buddy is preparing for the future of wireless scanning. Applications such as Google wallet and Evenbright allows smart phone devices to use wireless scanning. It's a faster process than searching through your wallet/bag for a card. Schools like NYU-Poly and some job uses cards to enter the building . I believe it's time for MTA to inherit from these machine and upgrade their technology .

The next tab will have transit directions stored onto the app itself allowing users not to depend on slow day coverage and lack of service under group.

The connections feature allows users to see their possible train connections with the subway lines.

The snack feature allows yours to see all the vendor spots available in the subway,... Useful for commuters who'd like to pick up a snack on their path to work.

This app also have a map system for citi bikes.

A future feature is the automatic destination alert. Seeing MTA slowly installing wifi-hotspot the app will automatically detect which station you're at once it pulls into the station. Once the app detects the station if its the users targeted designation, an alarm, notification, and/or the device vibrating will inform the user they have arrived. This feature will also be available to Bus commuters. Each bus stop will have a small wifi hit spot where the app will detect the stop as it approaches it.

The 3rd tab will we the Maps page. This page all provide users Train, Bus and subway exit maps.

The 4th tab will be the status update/ alert page. This page give you the latest MTA updates that automatically refreshes once the app receive Internet signal.

The final page is The about page. This will have description and instructions on how to use the app

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