Problem Statement

During the Corona crisis, the society is facing a lot of issues. Majorly:

  1. People are loosing jobs.
  2. Food supply and agriculture sectors are strained due to excessive demand and limited work force.
  3. Businesses will face a sudden spike of demand as soon as market opens which will be stuggling with reduced workforce.
  4. NGO's not able to find volunteers to help the needy.
  5. Elderly taking risk of going to crowded place like supermarkets as they have no other option.
  6. Stringent government rules in some countries to get a short term job, like mandatory contract etc makes it hard for the employers to find people on short notice.


We would like to provide a one stop solution for the above problem via mobile app. We would like to provide the following salient features:

  1. Highly user friendly UI, so that even the elders can post tasks.
  2. Extensible, that businesses can post paid jobs, NGO's can post volunteering tasks and anyone can post a household task.
  3. Effecient searching, that the job seeker can search the job from street and find the job 2 blocks away via maps.
  4. Contract generation in minutes using templates which can be easily customised by the employer.

Our Vision

To provide solution for quick, reliable job matching for day and seasonal jobs with a highly simplified process for starting the job.

Our Mission

To provide a quick and reliable job posting and application process using smartphone, meanwhile reducing the burden of generating contracts by automating the contract generation process.

Transient functionality and current status

  1. Quick and easy sign up feature.
  2. Post a paid or volunteer job
  3. Search job by job type(current location or name of the place).
  4. User friendly visualisation on map.
  5. Job application via app.
  6. History and up coming jobs
  7. GDPR compliance checks.

Social Impact

Transient app can help all sectors of the community as any one can post job or volunteer tasks. Below mentioned are just to name a few:

  1. Supermarket: Since supermarket employees are overburdened during the crisis, this app will allow them to find job on short notice to restack the store racks or unloading the stocks etc.
  2. Local business: During this crisis, small businesses will be looking for short term help based on contracts, as they would not be sure about the future. Hense Transient wil help them to find people on short notice.
  3. Warehouses: Help in loading and unloading the stocks.
  4. Agriculture: Since summer is coming, farming will start soon. This is the time farmers would need help in finding people for tasks like ploughing, planting seeds, watering, harvesting etc. App will let them find help as and when needed.
  5. Elderly: During this crisis, they are the vulnerable population, hence it would be risky for them to go to crowded places like super markets and so on. App will allow them to ask for help in delivering the groceries or medicines to them.
  6. Students: Will help them to find jobs easily via app as it would be simpler than logging on to any website. They can search for the job anywhere from their mobile.
  7. NGO: NGO's can find volunteers for an event or other purposes via app.
  8. Day job seekers: Will help anyone who is searching for jobs in a new city or new location without the need of a PC.
  9. General: Anyone who wants to get a small chore done can post the job and find the suitable people to do this job.

Necessities to continue the project:

  1. Funding to continue the development and maintain the platform.
  2. Marketing support to bring the product to market faster.
  3. Legal advice on labour market laws.

Value after crisis

Short term jobs searching will be still a huge market, hence we find the following criterias still relavent:

  1. Easier short term job posting and finding.
  2. Easier to find house hold help via apps.
  3. Job contract generation will ease the burden of process and save time.
  4. NGOs and event organisers can find volunteers easily.

Demo URL

As it would be difficult to provide the app online, since it is not yet released, we have created the video demo. Please find it in below link:


  1. Release the first version of the product by 1st May 2020.
  2. Release version on 15th May with following features: i. Allow bulk job posting. ii. Code refactoring iii. Bug fixes
  3. Release version on 1st June with following features: i. Generate smart contracts for the jobs.
  4. Release version on 15th June with following features: ii. Create website for Transient and possiblity to post bulk jobs easily.


There are some websites that provide short term job searching options but there are very few mobile app solutions. Our unique features are as follows:

  1. One stop solution to get suitable canditates, finding jobs, contracting.
  2. Easy job posting posibility, especially helpful for sections of society who are not very much profficient in using mobile for eg, elderly.
  3. Map based visualisation on mobile for quickly identifying the location and distance.
  4. Bulk job posting options for businesses.
  5. Simplifying the contract generation by allowing to generate the contract via app using templates.

Development process

We used the following tools for building

  1. JIRA : to collect the requirements as user stories
  2. Balsamiq: to draw our UI wireframes
  3. Kotlin with Android studio: Our framework for development
  4. AWS: our backend with GDPR complaince


Getting the app published in a short-time is our biggest challenge. The app is still in testing stage and we are trying our best to release it as soon as possible.

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