🔴 We are the TRANSF🔴RM guild. We unite all creative people, everyone who is ready and wants to create the future. We offer a global solution. Combination of advertising, marketing, communications development, development.

What it does

🔴 We directly solve one of the main problems of DAO - microinteractions, building a wide network for the use of NEAR. We bring technology to the masses. We solve the problem described here

How we built it

🔴 Everything consists of many stages:

✨ From software:

🔥The website is a unique NFT trading platform - trading real items through NFT.

🔥It will be a wallet for ANDROID with a built-in google map on which the places of free NEAR turnover are marked and a convenient currency converter (if there is a price in hryvnia, dollar, euro - this can always be reflected in NEAR. ∞ ❤️ ∞

✨From social:

🔥He began building a network of local and virtual retail outlets, where it is possible to purchase the necessary goods directly for NEAR, bypassing the fiat system. I began to put these points on the Google map and the number is growing literally every day. We need to support these innovators economically, it will explode. In the future, local hubs can purposefully support the surrounding economy by conducting trade with them. Now about Mukachevo. I know almost everyone here and with everyone in good, warm relations, the entire government and the local population. Everyone knows our group as decent and responsible. I want to create the largest and most powerful hub in Mukachevo, since the map started with us. Mukachevo is a trading city, for its more than 1225-year history, trade has not stopped in it. Therefore, now virtually every trader will be ready to accept NEAR as a means of payment. I want to start promoting this idea through the mayor's office. I invite you to come to our hackathon, see everything live, I will try to make a wallet with a card for ANDROID by that time.


❤️ The hackathon will be in a new coworking space, the owner of which I persuaded to postpone the opening to the 27th. In the future, a huge complex of a hotel, restaurant, sauna, parking and everything else is ready to become a 🅝 NEAR ONLY platform if we give it the economy. Dozens of people can live and work here without leaving NEAR, solving the DAO problem for the surrounding economy. In addition, this coworking space is planned to be franchised around the world. Having opened one with us we can try it elsewhere. I am sure that over time we will find many more ways to solve the DAO problem. And you need to do open source

Challenges we ran into

✊🏽 DAO problem. I am constantly short of funding. With my frantic activity, I spend weeks writing texts and waiting for votes. Right now I am not earning but spending the money I earned, which is not right, because I am developing the ecosystem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

🏰👍 This film It is about the residents of Mukachevo who trade for NEAR. Will be translated into English. 👶🏻 👶🏻

What we learned


What's next for TRANSF❤️RM

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Let's create a series of local hubs. We design and test micro-grant programs, the use and development of payment equipment. Education. Development. Continued development for mobile devices. Engaging a large number of developers. And this is just the beginning! The beginning of NEARNET - a new global network and NEARZONE - a distributed trade marketplace trading on NEAR !!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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